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It is time for a NEW Declaration of Independence to wit:

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds to party politics, which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the tools to impel the old order to the change and restore democracy to the country.

To restore Democracy to our country, Citizens 4 A Better American support the goal to increase the NON-PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT voter registration in all states so that the NON-PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT voter registration in each and every state is greater than 50% of ALL registered voters in each state by 2024.

To accomplish this goal all that is necessary is for already registered voters to simply go to the Secretary of State website in their respective states and change their voter registration to NON-PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT and for all new citizens who reach the age to vote to register as NON-PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT voter as the case may be in each state.

The fundamental result of our having more than 50% of the voters be NON-PARTISAN and/o INDEPENDENT voters, will be it will limit and maybe eliminate the entrenched politic parties and their power, there by assuring every citizen the right to choose the candidate of their choice in every election regardless of any or no party affiliation.

Citizens 4 A Better American supports a change
in the structure of the actual way we vote in America to wit:

  1. We retain the the usual election cycle as mandated by the U.S. Constitution but make the following changes.
  2. We put into operation an OPEN Primary Election set up, for each and every office for Federal and State office, where anyone, regardless of any party or not, can run for any federal or state office as long as they pay required state registration fee and that they be listed on the ballot in the PRIMARY ELECTION where the candidates can choose to run with a party affiliation or not as they so desire.
  3. The top THREE candidates with the most votes in the PRIMARY ELECTION, regardless of any party affiliation or not and whether they get 50% of the vote or not are automatically listed on the GENERAL ELECTION ballot. Each of the three candidates can choose to run as a candidate with a party affiliation or not as that case may be.

The candidate getting the MOST VOTES, regardless of percentage, for that particular office in the GENERAL ELECTION wins the office for the required duration as mandated by the U.S. Constitution and other existing state legislation or constitutional provisions.

The fundamental reason for this voting set up, is that: (A) It prevents gerrymandering from controlling who wins; (B) It offers all candidates a real chance to win in the primary, regardless of political party affiliation or not; (C) It give the citizens a true choice to support the candidate of their choice regardless of party affiliation or not; (D) It would limit the entrenched political establishment from potentially controlling the state and federal elected offices. The citizens would have that power restored to them and democracy can be maintained.

Citizens 4 A Better America supports Ranked Choice
Voting in the following set up for President & Vice President to wit:

  1. Every four years as mandated by existing Constitutional requirements and legislation there will be a PRIMARY ELECTION for PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT in each state.
  2. Anyone, regardless of any party affiliation or not, may run for either office in that Primary Election, provided they meet the criteria necessary to appear on the ballot in each state for each office: PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT. No candidate can run for both offices in the same election any state.
  3. In each state, in the primary for each office, the voters rank the candidates first, second and third choice, regardless of party affiliation or legal not. The candidate with the most first choice votes wins that state.
  4. The candidates with the highest first choice vote total for each state, regardless of any party affiliate or not for each office, qualify for the GENERAL ELECTION and are automaticially listed on what is a NATONAL ballot as part of each state election ballot.
  5. In each GENERAL ELECTION the voters rank the candidates first, second and third choice. The candidate with the most total first choice votes for each office is elected PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT and wins that states electoral college votes. The candidate with the most electoral votes for that office is the winner and will be the new PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT, respectively for the next 4 years.

To win this Second American Revolution requires just three actions on the part of each Citizen:

  1. Register as a NON-PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT voter in your state and vote for candidates who support this Manifesto.
  2. Vote for the person you think is the best candidate for the respective office in your state regardless of political affiliation or not.
  3. Use the 50% plus NON- PARTISAN and/or INDEPENDENT registered voters to support a referendum or elect a majority in the state offices to make the Open Primary and Election Rules as outlined above the law in your state.
  4. As a consequence, REAL DEMOCRACY will be restored to our country, the vote of every citizen will actually count, American will better place to live for everyone, regardless of party affiliation or not, no one party can control the country at the expense of YOU the Citizen and we might have a real chance to fix the problem which need real fixing.

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The Second American Revolution was written by Fred Conquest: A former candidate for Governor of the State of Nevada

Thank You For Reading The Second American Revolution Manifesto.

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