Online Entrepreneurs:

Here's The Secret To Making A Guaranteed Profit From A One Page Website.

Step One: Pick A Category Of Interest And Set Up Your Page Similar To This Page With One Banner Ad And One Text Ad On The Page. (Note: The category for this page is business.) Or You Can Set Up A Blog. The Text Link Can Be For Your Best Paying Affiliate Program Or Product.

Step Two: Put Some Informative Content On The Page Related To The Category You Pick. This Content Does Not Need To Be Extensive. A Paragraph Or Two Will Do. Just Make It Useful Information.

Step Three: Become An Adsense Or Other CPM/CPC Network, like Native Ads, Where You Get Paid For Ad Impressions And/Or Clicks. Then Just Put Their Banner As The Only Banner On The Page. You Can Also Get Paid Advertisers Who Would Pay A Monthly Fee To Be The Only Banner Sponsor If You Can.

Step Four: Buy 100,000, Adsense Safe, Visitors From Rebrandable Traffic To Put Your Page On The Major Advertisers Map. You Need To Prove The Traffic Thur Alexa To Get The Bigger Advertisers Interested In Advertising On Your Page. However, If You Do Consistently Buy The Traffic, Which Will Cost Your About $100, You Will Make About A $300 Profit Every Month. All From You ONE PAGE Website.

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