Get Your Movies, Shorts, Shows, And Quality Videos

Here's How:

If you produce or have QUALITY video, a movie, a movie short, a show(s) or any other QUALITY video production GROOVE will host your video on our network and we will drive traffic to the various channels to get your show seen - world wide.

The GROOVE Network is advertiser driven. All hosted videos will share in this advertising revenue based on the pro-rata share Of the number of times your video page was seen in any given month.

In addition, you may arrange your own sponsors and keep all of the revenue generated for yourself. All you need to do is send us the 15 second commercial and/or leaderboard banner ad.

The cost to have your video(s) hosted on the GROOVE Network is only $29 Per Month Or $249 Per Year Per Video.

For this fee, your video will be seen for 'FREE On Demand' when selected by world wide visitors to the Groove Network. which we drive to the Network and the various specialty channels on our dime. Of course you may also get people to view your video as you so desire simply by sending them to your link on the Network.

For More Information on The GROOVE NETWORK, Contact MasterMind Communication CEO, Fred Conquest at frederick.c@usa.net

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